About Tarva

Tarva Investment and Advisory 


Tarva is focused on delivering valuable outcomes for clients and making successful investments.


Tarva delivers cost effective outcomes, where pragmatic approaches to completing the assignment are agreed and executed. Gold plating is not our practice – we believe that excellent strategic analysis, problem solving and development of effective solutions is key.


Tarva brings together the skillsets required to define and solve the problem at hand or deliver the outcomes specified by the client. Running tight teams is key to delivering highly focused outcomes.


Tarva uses the extended team approach to deliver on its agreed work programs. This team comprises the founding director, in-house and external consultants and service companies that are excellent in their field of specialisation. Tarva will work effectively with in-client staff.

Founding partners 

Cameron and Eky founded Tarva in early 2015 – with a broad focus on investment in the mining sector and selectively providing advisory services at the CEO level – to private and public enterprises.


Cameron’s working background is largely corporate, working for Rio Tinto for 28 years up until late 2013. He has led large businesses across 3 continents, successfully conducted many M&A transactions, directed many different types of projects (including mega-projects) and has worked closely with governments and business associations. He has a very strategic focus with an equal ability to plan and execute complex assignments in small to large organisations.


Eky supported the growth of the Oyu Tolgoi business through construction and into operations. Eky is highly energetic and competently works with high level executive teams and in a projects focussed environment. Eky is fluent in Mongolian, English and Mandarin and was educated in the USA, China and Mongolia.

Organizations we work with 

For large assignments it is critical to build a team made up of different organisations with diverse (yet interconnected) skillsets. Tarva have worked with many organisations and expert individuals over the years and know how important it is to establish functional and aligned teams. Dysfunction must be avoided at all costs.


For key advisory assignments supporting a CEO, or a senior member of the CEO’s Exco, it is essential that the advisor understand how to work in a complimentary manner and as an effective conduit with the consulting service providers.


Keeping the assignment objectives in the spotlight is the key. Understanding the distractions is critical   

Our advisory approach is based on excellent strategic analysis, a holistic approach to the role firms should play in today's society, and then developing pragmatic approaches for clients. Our deep experience in mining, infrastructure, construction projects and business restructuring ensures you will get an advisory service that brings much more than a strategic perspective to the challenge at hand.

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