• Tarva is a young company and already building a track record of strategically supporting business leaders drive change and growth in their businesses.


  • Prior to establishing Tarva Cameron had a strong and varied background in delivering successful outcomes across a range of sectors. 

Successfully completed projects 
  • Being an SME (subject matter expert) and delivering successful project outcomes is not the same thing. When Tarva talk about skillsets we are talking about our ability to deliver processes that improve the chances of really successful outcomes to “organisational challenges”.

  • Our skillsets can be applied to “organisational challenges” across industries, to both government and private enterprises. 

Skills and Services

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For three decades Cameron McRae has led cross-functional teams that have comprised in-house staff and specialists from boutique to the world’s largest consultancies, banks and legal firms.


What is the key? Getting great outcomes cost effectively for our client’s business. Approach is critical….


However, getting great and cost effective outcomes is not guaranteed if the client does not manage the scope and team process tightly. Having a crystal clear view of what the problem actually is and then moving to solution mode is critical.


At the same time the client leader needs to know how to collectively get the best from this team when the team come from different organisations and where the key emotional and financial drivers are not identical.


Tarva already has an excellent track-record on delivering valuable and successful outcomes. This has been built on over 30 years of broad-ranging experience of setting up teams to deliver success AND THEN actually delivering it.


For a client the choice of an advisory firm for an assignment is critical. You cannot have a learning curve for the specialists and you need to get them to “gel effectively” with the in-house team. Tarva understands this deeply from the “client’s side” of the fence and sees its role as setting the client up to be successful.


Tarva will work respectfully with the client, but will ensure that the client hears what she/he deserves to hear, and that is “what is good for the client’s business”.  Tarva will not compromise on this principle. Cameron has worked in CEO’s position and knows how easy it can be for a specialist to mislead a busy CEO.


And importantly, Tarva will not unnecessarily waste, time, money and human resources on unnecessary processes that are not central to the assignment at hand.

  • Tarva’s clients to date have not been limited to one sector.  They are both private and public.


  • Tarva has provided services to diversified companies and companies focussed on exploration and project development, mining, mining services, infrastructure, airlines, and commodity trading houses

Our Clients
Successful Investing in Mining
  • Tarva has already worked collaboratively on exploring investment opportunities with a number of project sponsors seeking input on project viability, project leadership and fundraising.


The hard works and fine effors of Cameron's services to the company in the past remain behind oyu Tolgoi's success of today. 

Batsukh Galsan

Ambassador, Chairman of the Board Oyu Tolgoi

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