About Cameron

Having deep experience as a CEO of large companies and as a director on many boards across three continents, Cameron understands it from the client CEO’s perspective.


Cameron provides the linkage between the client CEO and the project team. He will


  • Be available to the CEO on a confidential basis.

  • Work closely with the team, and is available to coach teams prior to entering negotiations or to lead strategy setting sessions.

  • Work closely with the CEO to ensure that the focus is aligned with the strategic needs of the business.

  • Put together a successful team to address the business challenge.

  • Bring deep experience across many facets of leadership and leading projects from strategic to mega-construction

30 years combined experience 

Our advisory approach is based on excellent strategic analysis, a holistic approach to the role firms should play in today's society, and then developing pragmatic approaches for clients.


Our deep experience in mining, infrastructure, construction projects and business restructuring ensures you will get an advisory service that brings much more than a strategic perspective to the challenge at hand. 

We have the know-how that you need

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Cameron's Career Timeline