Advised CEO – a long running commercial dispute was resolved, allowing the completion of a $4.2B project financing facility and the restart of a $6B expansion project.


Reviewed project plans for a brownfields expansion


Advised CEO and led owners project team – a major mining and infrastructure project involved the introduction of foreign investors and the negotiation of key enabling agreements. Tarva assisted the negotiating team (comprising investment bankers, lawyers and in-house staff) in negotiation preparation and represented the owner in negotiations


Advised CEO on project viability of a listed green-fields development (early stages)

Advised CEO on matters associated with restructuring a government holding company into an internationally competitive investment company.

Holding Company

Ongoing advisory service to CEO – initially focused on resolving a significant legal dispute between government and a group of exploration companies whose licences were invalidated. Have provided general advice around government relations, lobbying services and strategic input into investment proposals


Provided an independent view on the strategic benefits and risks of a major project development​

Trading house

Advised BD team on strategic and commercial issues on investments into steelmaking raw materials suppliers

Advised CEO on a commercial joint venture proposal 

We proudly support
Downstream processing

Advised CDO on matters associated with a green-fields CTL project

Development bank

Master of Ceremonies for the CAREC Investment forum (Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation) focused on promoting development, trade and commerce throughout the Eurasia landmarks

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Tarva’s clients to date have not been limited to one sector.  They are both private and public.


Tarva has provided services to diversified companies and companies focused on exploration and project development, mining, mining services, infrastructure, airlines, and commodity trading houses