Being an SME (subject matter expert) and delivering successful project outcomes is not the same thing. When Tarva talks about skillsets, we are talking about our ability to deliver processes that improve the chances of really successful outcomes to “organisational challenges”.


Our skillsets can be applied to “organisational challenges” across industries, to both government and private enterprises.


Importantly we understand the perspective of a CEO and the importance of setting realistic strategy, and strategically aligned business plans, project plans and change management initiatives.


Correct establishment of a project plan is critical. We will work with the CEO or business leader to ensure


  • that the context is properly understood,

  • a realistic “strategically focussed” scope is formulated and

  • that the most appropriate resources are targeted.


Getting the QQR&T right is often overlooked by leaders and Tarva will ensure that this is properly discussed to ensure that sensible projects are not put into jeopardy.


Change management is critical for all initiatives and Tarva will ensure that this matter is sensibly reviewed to ensure good projects overcome resistance to change.

  • Leadership and review of conceptual, scoping, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies

  • Advisory on strategies for construction projects

  • Optimization reviews for productivity improvement and cost reduction

  • Sector and Country reviews

  • Strategic assessment of Corporate and BU plans for private and listed companies

  • Privatization of government–owned mining companies

  • Development and Restructuring of National Mining Laws

  • Advisory to Mining and Business Associations

Tarva's broad experience and linkages with relevant expert firms allow Tarva to provide and coordinate a broad range of services to Clients.
  • Risk assessments, including political, financial, and technical

  • Strategy formulation for negotiation of contractual agreements, such as mergers, acquisitions, and mineral sales contracts

  • Business and financial cash flow modeling 

  • Market surveys strategies for mineral products

  • Expert witness testimony for commercial issues

  • Advisor and mentor for key commercial negotiations

  • Due diligence reviews in support of financings, investment decisions, acquisitions, dispositions, and mergers

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